Prhythmatic House 2 Song Contest

現在、夏に向けての新作「Prhythmatic House 2」の制作を企画をしております。
そこで、On Prism Records初の楽曲公募を開催したいと思います!


2019.05.05 ~ 2019.06.28 23:59(JST)

◇ コンテストルール

  • VOCALOID(UTAU可)を用いた、ハウスジャンルの楽曲であること。
  • 1人何曲でも投稿可能です。
  • 曲尺に制限はありません。(当アルバムでは4~5分程度が目安です)
  • 未発表楽曲であること。(既存音源の応募は受け付けておりません)
  • 違法なサンプリングや、権利に反する音源の使用は禁止します。発覚次第、即時失格と共に、当アルバムにおけるすべての責任を負って頂きます。
  • なりすまし防止のため、採用された方には楽曲パラデータを提出して頂くことが御座いますので、あらかじめご了承ください。
  • 各企画について、運営上やむ終えない事情が発生した場合、事前に何らの通告なく中断、延期、中止を行う場合が御座います事を予めご了承下さい。
  • 作品公開・頒布により制作者様が被った損失、損害、不利益等に対して、当サークルは一切の責任を負いかねます。


◇ 採用について


採用楽曲の発表は、オンプリBOX(当ブログ)及びOn Prism Recordsの公式Twitterアカウントにて行います。

◇ 応募について





◆ For Overseas

◇ Application Period

2019.05.05 ~ 2019.06.28 23:59(JST)

◇ Contest Rules

  • This contest focuses on the genre of House Music using VOCALOID (UTAU is also accepted).
  • You can submit more than one song.
  • There is no limit to the length of the song. (In this album, about 4 to 5 minutes is a better.)
  • The submission must be unreleased. (We can’t accept a song that has already been released)
  • We prohibit illegal sampling and the use of sound sources that infringes on copyright. In the case that you submit a song containing copyrighted material, as soon as it is discovered, you will be held responsible for everything in this album.
  • To prevent spoofing, If your song is selected, you may be asked to submit the song’s paradata.
  • Please understand in advance that there may be interruption, postponement, or cancellation without prior notification if there is an unavoidable situation in operation.
  • We can’t accept any responsibility for loss, damage, disadvantage etc. which the producer suffers from during the exhibition and distribution of works.

※The above rules don’t apply to artists who have already requested from this circle.

◇ About Selection

If your song is selected, we will contact you within a week after the end of the contest.
We will not contact artists of songs that were not selected for release, nor answer questions regarding the explanation of the outcome.
This label will not hold the rights for songs that were not selected. Artists of these songs will be allowed to publish it elsewhere freely.

Selected songs will also receive a reward.
We will announce the results of the contest on “OnPrism Box (this blog)” and On Prism Records’ official Twitter account.

◇ About Application

Please upload the mastered version of your song to an online storage / upload provider and submit from the following from:

▼ Form▼

Please be sure to enter the contact email address. We will use it to confirm your application submission and notify your if your song is selected. 

We are looking forward to your application!